Crafty by Nature

We make handmade pottery in Columbus, Ohio

We are taking a bit of a clay sabbatical until at least 2019.  If you need something in the meantime… feel free to Contact us !
We may refer you to another potter depending on the item(s) desired or if it is just an individual item, we may have it on hand.

We are planning to learn some new techniques and return on the scene with a new approach to clay and art.  Stay tuned!

Finally, our soaps and some lotions are discontinuing for the time being (skin repair still available though!), as we seek more time to spend with the wonderful people in our lives!  Thank you for your understanding!


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We like to be eco-minded and purchase our clay locally, recycle and reuse our clay, and never throw any clay away.  All our glaze colors are 100% lead-free and made from various minerals.

The people behind Crafty by Nature are Karen & Nick.  We are a happy small business and we do what we love and love what we do!  Started officially in late 2009, Crafty by Nature looks forward to the winding road ahead, filled with lots of new pottery and fresh ideas at every turn.


Handmade Pottery & Soaps