There are a variety of websites I find interesting and useful and this is an ongoing collection I am building.  Here are many of the sites I find super useful…

Great Local Links from here in Columbus:

The Columbus Cultural Arts Center is a fantastic place to learn all sorts of arts including pottery, sculpture, copper enameling, jewelry making, weaving, oil painting, watercolors, and so forth!  I love taking clay classes there!  They have exceptionally reasonable prices!  Check them out; you won’t regret it!

Boline Apothecary is a wonderful local shop providing herbs, tonics, natural bodycare products, and everything earthy and natural and pure.  Our soaps, lotions, and some pottery are available for sale there, too.


Ceramics and Pottery Links:

Columbus Clay is where I buy most of my clay and pottery supplies!

Why On Earth Do They Call It Throwing?

Ceramic Arts Daily provides a wealth of knowledge and tips for potters, sculptors, and ceramicists.  Check them out

Clay Times Magazine

Big Ceramic Store – ceramic and pottery supplies


Soap and lotion links:

Crunchy Betty one of my all time favorite blogs ever

Camden Grey essential oils and soaping supplies is where I get many of our essential oils!

Wholesale Supplies Plus carries everything for lotion and soap making and they’re based in Ohio!  They are great to work with!

Soap Calculator you can’t make soap without it!

Essential Depot the greatest place to buy lye

Bulk Apothecary is another big favorite of mine for soaping and lotion making supplies and they are based in Ohio!  Excellent to work with!

Traditional soap-making information is available about how soap-making was accomplished historically.  Before the availability of purchasing lye, people would utilize wood ash to extract the lye from to make soap.


Handmade Pottery & Soaps